Eastern Assault

by Dusk

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Released by Gasmask Holocaust Records (Pakistan) as a split release. Dusk (Pakistan) / Distrust (Singapore)


released March 15, 2010

Yusri Durjana - Vox
Babar (Iron) Sheikh - Bass / Guitar / Vox
Tremor - Drums
Omar Sultan - Lead guitar

Additional guitars and lead by Kavi Kumar



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Dusk Pakistan

Dusk is a doom metal band from Karachi, Pakistan

The brainchild of extreme metal bassist / vocalist Babar Sheikh churning out extreme metal tunes in the legacy of Doom/Death metal since 1995 and featuring amongst its ranks some of the finest Pakistani and foreign artists since the past two decades Dusk has been dubbed ‘Pakistan’s heaviest export’! ... more

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Track Name: Mass transit to the promised land
Corporate society makes me puke
Dark corners of the perfect life!
Meaning - demeaning
Deformed truth where?
Burning yourself
Day in and day out!
Track Name: 54 40 or fight
I've got a train drivin' through my head
Got a fever burnin' in my bed
If my telephone's ringin', somebody's dead on the line
I'm gettin' mad I'm gettin' pissed

I can't handle much more of this
Everybody sets me off, man, I'm walkin' on ice
I need something strong to pull me through
I've got to find a way to kick these blues

It's that cold in the night and I've got blood in my eyes
I say 54/40 or fight

I've go a queesy feelin' in my guts
Can't you see that I've had enough
Everybody sets me off, man, I'm over the edge
I've got a time-bomb tickin' inside

Fire burnin' in my eyes
No where to hide and no where to turn
I've got a needle deep down in my soul
I've got nerves goin' out of control

My adrenalin's pumpin' and I-m ready to burst
I say 54/40 or fight

I've got a rocket trail in my mind
I've got a feelin' that I haven't much time
I've got a time-bomb tickin' with nowhere to turn
Now these restraints that you're puttin' on me

The dealin' with society
This - the final approach, is my cause for alarm
So don't tell me what I was before
Or expect me to be something more

I'm on the defense and I'm over the line
I say 54/40 or fight