Through Corridors of Dead Centuries

by Dusk

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Through Corridors Of Dead Centuries, Split EP Dying Embrace / Dusk, released worldwide by Cyclopean Eye Productions


released August 8, 2014

Track list for Dusk:

The Light of Thy Countenance
Shadow Poet
Forged by Fires of Duality
For Majestic Nights
Bomber (Motorhead cover)

Babar Sheikh – Rhythm guitar, Bass & Vocals
Halim Yousuf (Tremor) – Drums
Omran Shafique – Lead guitar

All guitars and additional instruments, sounds and effects on ‘The Light of Thy Countenance’ performed by Omran Shafique
Drums on ‘For Majestic Nights’ by Hans Yamin
Vocals on Bomber by Ariffeen of Impiety
Guitar solo on Bomber by Omar Sultan

All tracks except ‘Bomber’ recorded at mixed and mastered TNT Music Productions Singapore 2012 through 2013. ‘The Light of Thy Countenance’ and additional recording for guitars and effects at Some Studio Karachi
Recorded and mixed by KK Wong (Ah Boy) at TNT Music Productions Singapore
‘Bomber’ recorded mixed and mastered at The End of Recording Singapore by Lokman in 2007, guitar solo recorded at Omar Sultan’s home studio Calgary

Produced by Babar Sheikh and KK Wong



all rights reserved


Dusk Pakistan

Dusk is a doom metal band from Karachi, Pakistan

The brainchild of extreme metal bassist / vocalist Babar Sheikh churning out extreme metal tunes in the legacy of Doom/Death metal since 1995 and featuring amongst its ranks some of the finest Pakistani and foreign artists since the past two decades Dusk has been dubbed ‘Pakistan’s heaviest export’! ... more

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Track Name: Shadow Poet
Staring at the world through this lens of infinity
Cosmic light years pass through like moments…

Within a multitude of ever burning emotions
The tree of life remains a faint reflection

Within a Multitude of ever burning emotion
The Shadow Poet – Shadow Poet
Track Name: Forged By Fires Of Duality
The truth creeps in through doors ajar
In depths of the mind,
When senses betray and reason fails

Fires – For misinterpreted sacred codes
Burn high and mighty
Impending upon legions that crossed the gleaming bridge (to the valley of desires)

The ocean of self – drowns the soul

Feed the sublime
The soul eater
And the shadow of reason
Still anonymous is the journey of eterne

Furnace – the times shall be
A witness to rising flames
The creation of a further dimension
And birth of questions that devour themselves

The ocean of self – drowns the soul
Perception becomes illusive
Bleak horizons masquerade
Through corridors of deception
Through skies and fading landscapes
Through hallways of centuries old madness
The unforeseen weaves a storm that swallows the world
Passing moments in the hourglass of misfortune
Leave marks hidden to this consciousness

Reality paints portraits
In ceremony halls of the skies
None shall ever recognize
The purity of creation

Breathe – the thin air of evolution
Material despair, solitary standing
Return to the mould of being
The flesh forever remains the witness

Through skies and fading landscapes
Through hallways of centuries old madness
The unforeseen weaves a storm that swallows the world
Passing moments in the hour glass of misfortune, leave…